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Literature Search Guide for Effective Research Proposal Writing

Research papers are an integral part of academics. They are known to be tedious. But that is the main purpose of it. It has to be perfectly written based on research and must be comprehensive. But before you go ahead with writing it, you must get a proposal out of the way.

You have to select a topic and then prove its legitimacy to your instructors. That is where the research proposal comes in. You must research your subject and try to find the missing links hiding. You must develop on the work that has never been done before or build on what already exists. Here is a little heads-up on how to perform a literature search when working on a proposal.

  • Start off with selecting some keywords that would be relevant for the search. These keywords come from the subject as well as your area of expertise. 
  • You can perform an in-general internet search to see where the current literature and research might stand with regard to any keyword. It will simplify the task to find the most relevant sources with regard to the relevant topic. It will make your research more informed and would not be much difficult.
  • Your topic may not be final so you must try to find the proper information to narrow down your selection. You must have a tentative topic that needs to be built on to make your final topic. 
  • Choose a research library where you will be searching your sources. The popular ones include Google Scholar, IEEE, PubMed, etc. you must choose the one that is related to your specific field. For example, the IEEE library would be better for technical papers.
  • Reading the abstract is the key. An abstract gives an overview of the entire paper so you would know which one would be the best to use. A college essay writing service can help you out. They specialize in such things and make it look easy.
  • You must keep your notes handy at all times. You will be making sure to collect relevant information from each of the sources. This will also help you in creating an outline.
  • Once you have collected the necessary sources and go through these to find where the research might be lacking. Also, it will give you an idea regarding your thesis statement and research questions.
  • Most of the research libraries will have various filters that can be applied to the essay writing service. You have to get the ones that are most relevant. This could include the ones published in a certain time frame, with specific characteristics such as peer-reviewed, etc. 

Well, there you have it. These are the details that you must keep in mind when searching for essential literature. An important thing to note is that these will also be used in the final draft of the paper so you might consider spending extra time to make your task easier. If you are finding it hard to research or an essay, then a specialist can guide you on how to get assignment help. They have the right knowledge to help you write the best documents.

So what is the purpose of a proposal? You are essentially putting forth a glimpse into your final research. Your teacher might want to make sure that you are on the right track. These are chances that your research might not have the right wow factor. In that case, your teacher will give you the guidelines based on your proposal. Furthermore, if you are on the right path, the teacher can help you with the coming course of action by essay writer.

The proposal will give your research the head start. The more comprehensively you do it, the less trouble you will have later on. Try to follow all the conventions and then move ahead.

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